No two pregnancies are alike…

Hey guys!

You thought I had disappeared didn’t you?!  Did you have a little weep?  Aw, that’s so sweet…but you shouldn’t have ’cause I ain’t goin’ nowhere!  Every now and again life just gets a little bit too hectic…but I F-I-N-A-L-L-Y managed to carve out some precious time to sit undisturbed and write!!  By undisturbed, I mean the washing machine is running as I’m also trying to finish a mountain of laundry, and I’m organising a family birthday in between breaks – but Emilia is asleep and Paul isn’t around and those two are my MAIN distraction!

{CONFESSION TIME- This blog was actually written over a month ago, but I had been meaning to get Paul to read over it and spell-check it as he usually does.  However, I just cannot keep you all waiting any longer – so excuse any errors, or bits that don’t make sense to anyone but me, or boring bits!!} 

So, what have I been up to since the last time I blogged?  Well, we celebrated our gorgeous girl’s 1st birthday!  It was such a beautiful, sunny day and we had a picnic with family and a few of Emilia’s baby friends and lots of toys and cakes!  I’ll admit that I did have a little cry on the day too…it’s just so bittersweet isn’t it?  We try to hold on to all those sweet memories of when they were so little, but we’re also excited to watch them grow and wonder where life will take them?  That feeling is just so overwhelming and you can’t help but shed a tear or two.  Or in my case, a few hundred tears :S  Time never stops, it’s so fast-paced and you just want to hold onto every memory!  I think that’s something only mother’s can understand.  Paul thought I was just being “super emotional”!

Emilia is now over 13 months old – shock horror!  She took her first independent steps a few days after her 1st birthday, but it has taken a while for her to grow in confidence and realise walking is fun!  She has mastered it now, and walks around all over the place, usually carrying her giant, cuddly dog over her head!  She is turning into a very cheeky little monkey and loves to make us laugh.  Her latest stunt is sticking her finger up her nose, and giggling like crazy at our disgusted reaction! {EDIT (to bring you up to date) – She is now over 14 months, and has discovered fake crying, oh joy!  She never sits still and loves walking around the house pretending to talk on my phone!}

What else happened?  Ah, yes, we were way on holiday in Estepona, Spain for a week.  Although we did have some really fun times – Emilia loved eating the sand, drinking fruit cocktails, and splashing about in the pool – Paul and I quickly learnt, there is no such thing as a holiday with an almost one year old, and I was almost relieved to be home again!  We are definitely going to wait until she is able to entertain herself a bit more before we go abroad again….that, or take “babysitters” with us in the form of family and friends 🙂

Our last little update before we are all caught up again is – eeekkkkk, I am SOOOOOO excited to share this – we are expecting again and due in January!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That’s how dedicated I am to making sure I have enough material for this blog :p  Paul and I are over the moon!

{EDIT – See? I told you this blog is a little behind!!  Just pretend to be surprised anyway!  Haha!}

Before you start thinking we’re nuts, and what are we thinking having kids so close in age – we have always planned that when we start having kids, we want a small age gap between them.  Things such as our children being able to play together nicely, hopefully becoming close friends, and also the fact that I am still fairly in the swing of things and won’t need a refresher course, are all some of the many pros we listed when coming to this decision.  Alright alright, I don’t blame you for still thinking we’re nuts…because I do every now and again!  It will all be worth the hard work in the end 🙂

I’m already coming up to 21 weeks – where has the time gone? – and we recently had our 20-week scan and found out we were having another little Princess!  We are so thrilled Emilia is getting a baby sister!!!  I am soooooo happy I don’t have to part with any of Emilia’s cute little clothes just yet, and they will get used again 🙂  Paul is signing up to boxing classes already so that he will able to play the part of  “scary dad” when they bring their boyfriends round, haha!  Although Emilia kisses my tummy, and points to it every time I ask her where the baby is, I don’t think she really gets it.  She has started lifting Paul’s tshirts looking for “the baby”…I hope Paul’s sudden dieting has nothing to do with this!  😉

{EDIT – I am now over 25 weeks, and my bump is ever increasing in size!  I am definitely starting to feel the toll of lifting and carrying Emilia around, and the five flights of the stairs up to our place are starting to get the better of me!!  The key is to see it as much needed exercise….it eases the experience slightly….or so I kid myself…}

So, what has it been like being pregnant again?  Completely different!!  Allow me to enlighten you…and to those of you that have been pregnant more than once, add your own experiences at the end if you want, I always welcome reader participation and learning from you guys 🙂

  Pregnancy No. 1 Pregnancy No. 2
Morning Sickness Absolutely horrendous! I remember spending days in bed not even being able to keep water down! I threw up daily, a few times a day, from about 6 weeks until about 20 weeks. Much more manageable! I hardly threw up, but felt constantly nauseous from around 6 weeks until about 20 weeks.
Food Aversions During my sickness stage, I was averse to ALL food! I couldn’t stomach anything, but managed to force down very bland food and cereal when absolutely necessary.

I had a major intolerance to the smell and taste of garlic all throughout my pregnancy – I even had to beg Paul to stop eating it, or spend the night on the couch if he had eaten some that day. It was bad!

The key to managing the nausea this time was to eat constantly! If I let myself get hungry, I would pay for it for the rest of the day.   Now that the nausea has gone, I still have to eat throughout the day (or it comes back to haunt me!), and literally have two breakfasts, about two hours apart!!!!

Although I can still sniff out the smell of garlic like a blood hound, I can thankfully manage to eat it in very small doses.  The couch has not been in use yet!

Tiredness + Exhaustion I was pretty tired at the start and end of the pregnancy, but it didn’t interfere with my lifestyle too much.

It was a bizarre concept for me to have to cancel the odd social engagement, so I could get an early night. It turned out to be a good preparation for motherhood – no more social life for a while!

The exhaustion and tiredness this time round was indescribable!!!!! One of the reasons I actually suspected that I might either be pregnant or anaemic again is because I literally could not keep my eyes open, even after 13 hours of sleep!  (You may wonder where on earth I managed to squeeze that much sleep in…well, Paul would look after Emilia in the mornings so I could rest a bit longer.  Isn’t he a sweetheart?)

If I thought I was being sensible cutting back on my social life last time, pah!  This time I was cutting out meal times and showering just to get some rest in!! It was serious!!!! Will this be good preparation for having two?  God help us!

Thankfully I have recently found that the extreme tiredness is easing now, so showering is back on you’ll be pleased to know 🙂

Bump Size I started showing properly around 20 weeks, although I was convinced my 18 week bloat was a bump! I thought I was showing around 14 weeks but it was just bloat for ages as it would disappear when I sucked in my tummy! My actual bump came through at around the same time as last time.

The only weird thing is how different my bump feels!!  Last time it was really hard, this time, it’s a lot more squishy and when I sit down it almost collapses into rolls!! Very bizarre! The bigger it gets, the firmer it’s getting though…phew!

{EDIT – My 25-week bump is finally more normal, and doesn’t change shape anymore!!}

Feeling kicks I didn’t feel any movement until about 17 weeks and I’m pretty sure Paul didn’t get to feel Emilia kick until the mid-twenty weeks. I felt movement from around 14 weeks this time, and Paul felt our baby kick at 20 weeks!

This little princess is so much more active than Emilia was, oh help! She kicks me all day long! I think she just wants to join in all our fun already 🙂

Cravings I was so disappointed not to have any cravings!  It’s the one things people genuinely want to find out, and when you tell them you haven’t got any, you feel like you have let the whole world down! Sob sob, still no cravings!  I am very, very easily influenced by what food I see around me though!  If I see someone eating something I like, I have to have it!  Paul showed me this comedy sketch during which the comedian talks about ordering an Indian take away, and all I could think of was how much I wanted popadoms!  This went on for days, until I finally bought some!  Another time, I was getting into my car, saw some McDonald’s Fries packaging on the ground, and where did I drive to first?  Yup, to get myself some McDonald chips with curry sauce!
Time spent on research + baby apps! I engaged in hours and hours of research and checking my five baby apps daily to find out what new developments Emilia was going through.

I would spend each morning and evening, lovingly stroking my bump (and applying stretch-mark cream), singing and talking to Emilia. Paul was forced to join in too! Haha!

I keep forgetting I’m pregnant – as much as that’s possible and makes sense!   I am just too busy to focus on this little nugget with Emilia keeping me distracted!

I do feel so guilty sometimes!  I know that my baby girl still knows I love her so much, and I am sure she can hear how busy her older sister is keeping me!  The circumstances are just VERY different this time round – and I often envy those first time mums!

I am also desperately trying to find time to write a song for this baby (I wrote one for Emilia, you can listen to it here) but at this rate it may end up just being a line or two….

Is it going quickly? I remember thinking I was going to be pregnant forever, especially once I hit 30 weeks. I CANNOT BELIEVE how quickly the pregnancy has flown by this time!  It’s insane!  What doesn’t help is that the countdown to Christmas has now started with X-Factor being back on TV, and we are due not long after that!  I definitely prefer it going fast, but it’s also a little nerve-wracking!
Fitness + Activity levels I was pretty active, working out until around seven months. On our “Babymoon” Paul and I went on a hike along the hilly, cliff tops of Dorset and I managed it fairly well at eight months pregnant. What fitness levels???!!!! I was working out just before I got pregnant for the sole purpose of getting back in shape before being pregnant again, but I still feel that my body is worn out from last time!

I still go on walks a lot, and have to manage our endless flights of stairs, but I am definitely struggling already!

I have to be super careful when lifting Emilia and other things, and just generally when moving because I feel like, if I carry out one wrong move, my body will go out of alignment!  (Preparation for old age?)

So, there you have it!  Are you still there?  Or have I bored you with information overload!!??  Sorry to those of you that prefer my shorter, funnier blogs – the next one will be more entertaining I promise!  But I know some of you really appreciate the more factual, informative blogs….so this one was for my keen readers!

I will try my very best not to keep you waiting so long until the next entry!  I will even sweeten the deal, and throw in some bump photos!  How’s that?  Good.  Now that we are all friends again, and you no longer need to mourn – I won’t take up any more of your time.  Thanks for reading!  You’re the best! Xx