Slinky vests + more thoughts from Paul

I’m sitting outside in the glorious sunshine, typing away to the sound of rustling leaves and cheerful bird song….and a vacuum cleaner.  (Paul is busy cleaning his old car so he can sell it.)  I am now in my 9th month of pregnancy and officially on maternity leave!  According to my mum, my bump has dropped since yesterday.  I can’t really see a difference but have definitely noticed less rib-kicking, so she’s probably right.  Also, I think the “pregnant waddle” is setting in…making me walk EVEN slower than I have been!

It’s been a busy past few weeks….and I am truly sorry for neglecting this blog as a result!  Let me fill you in on what’s been going on, starting with, oh you know it, our weekly comparisons!

Weeks 31 – 32  |  Honeydew melon  |  A loaf of bread…..what!? Yup, baby is already that big!!

Week 33 – 36  |  Cantaloupe  |  Oh you know, just the modest size of a …..Ukelele!!!!!

Week 37  |  Watermelon  |  Baby is now considered “full term”!  She’s now fully developed “baby size”…whatever that may be!  If she takes after me, we might be in trouble :/

While my husband is off work this week, I have written us an extremely detailed and organised “To Do” and “To Buy” list. The goal is to be completely baby-ready by the end of the week.  This includes hospital bags being packed, nursery done, flat spring-cleaned, right down to maternity pads being purchased!  Paul and I even managed to buy more suitable, family-safe cars in the last few weeks.  He’s now cruising around in a Merc as opposed to his previous, sporty Celica which looked like Kit from Knightrider and I have FINALLY managed to get rid of my death-trap of a car, a very old and battered Peugot, and bought a very sensible and reliable Toyota Corollla 🙂  (Yawn, this car talk is even boring me half to death, you must be falling asleep!!!!)

We had a very wonderful Babymoon in Dorset a few weeks ago!  We stayed in a very secluded spot just outside of Poole, and spent the week exploring a few local attractions like Monkey World (it’s amazing!) and Lulworth Cove (which involved a 4k hike along steep costal paths!), and of course, had a few beach days.  It was the perfect break, yet also a little surreal because it will be our last child-free holiday for a while!  Oh, I just thought of a funny story I can share.  When we were packing for the holiday, I thought I saw Paul pack one of his slinky vest tops.  I really am not a fan, but he likes to wear them on the beach for maximum sun exposure!  I was already dreading the moment this vest top would make an appearance but didn’t want to be a kill-joy so kept my mouth shut.  After all, I’d much rather Paul get a more even tan, than the usual farmer’s tan.  Anyway, beach day arrived and it was absolutely scorching hot outside.  I was mentally preparing myself for Paul’s feast-for-the-eyes vest top display, only to find Paul looking rather confused and handing me this said piece of a garment.  He said he put it on, and it fit kind of weird, was it mine by any chance?  I looked at the label, and God bless his soul, he managed to pack one of my strappy maternity vests!!!!!!!  What I would have given to see him in it just for laughs!!!  Poor Paul must have had such a shock, seeing his abs look suddenly a lot more accentuated than usual and pronouncing a non-existent belly with it’s figure hugging, biased cut!  I couldn’t stop laughing for the rest of the day!!!

For those, that actually want some details on how the pregnancy is going…while we were away, I got a call from the midwife informing me that my iron levels had significantly dropped and I’m anaemic.  This wasn’t a shock, because due to being a vegetarian, my iron levels have always been on the low side.  I had started getting really bad dizzy spells, where I had to lie down to avoid collapsing!  Thankfully I have taken to the iron tablets well, and they have helped tremendously.  Other than that, I am feeling great and healthy and the baby is developing just the way she should.  She’s not engaged yet, so her legs are coming up to my rib cage and she has taken full advantage of that.  My ribs are SOOOO sore, and actually feel bruised.  I can’t even put my hand over that area without being in pain.  She’s immensely active most of the time and it can get quite exhausting and is very uncomfortable!  Now that the bump is supposed to have dropped though, I am hoping my ribs will get a bit of a chance to recover!  Unlike I was imagining, my bump is not yet at humungous proportions and I can still see my feet which helps climbing up and down the 3 flights of stairs to our flat!  I am also not at the stage yet where I can use my bump as a tray, but it does serve as a nice book rest in the bath!  I really do love having a bump most of the time, but I really am looking forward to having my body back and being able to sleep on my stomach!  I miss that soooo much!

I thought to change the blog up a bit this week, and give you another interview style entry.  Instead of just having Paul answer the questions, I wanted to join in too 🙂  Here’s a list of questions we get asked a lot, or people wish they could ask us, and our responses.  Enjoy!

1) With just 3 weeks to go, give or take, how are you feeling?

Paul:  I’m feeling excited and as ready as I think you can be when you don’t really know what is ahead of you! I just can’t wait for our little one to be here now after such a long build up.

Daisy:  Sooooooo excited!!!!! She can’t come soon enough….I literally can’t sleep at night because l just think about finally meeting our little nugget….eek!!!!!

2) What final preparations do you still need to do?

Paul: We are pretty much there now. There are just a few minor little things to do and the finishing touches to baby’s room. We have made sure that we were ready ahead of time so it wouldn’t become an added stress!

Daisy:  As Paul said, we’re pretty much there! Although I’m not so sure organising a nursery at 37 weeks can be classed “ahead of time” unless you’re Paul!!!  The only important preparations left to do now are briefing Paul about labour and discussing a birth plan….scary!

3) Have you decided on a name?

Paul:  No I haven’t…..but Daisy has! Well, she has about 2 options that she’s set on. I feel this might be something she will bring up in the middle of labour when I won’t be able to say no!

Daisy:  After hours and hours of research I do have 2 names that I really love and then a list of about 5 others I also like. I also have some boys names on reserve just in case (it was way easier choosing those!).  Now Paul and I just need to agree on one!! I have a feeling it will be a looooong discussion! Although, thanks for the tip Paul, I might just use the labour card 😀

4) What are some things you still want to do before becoming a parent?

Paul:  I would like to catch up on a bit more sleep before the baby comes, if possible! I want to get as good a foundation of sleep in as I can!

Daisy:  Go on lots of fun dates!!! 😀 It might be a while till we can both go to the cinema together again!

5) Have there been any arguments or things you struggle to agree on?

Paul:  Names is a subject that I wouldn’t say we argue about but it is the source of a lot of discussions…..always initiated by Daisy!! Other than that we tend to agree on most things, helped by the fact that we both had fairly similar upbringings.

Daisy:  Can I just say here that I initiate the names conversation a lot because someone hasn’t even got any to share yet!!!!! Other than that, we are pretty much on the same page which is a massive relief!! Just wait till I tell him I want to raise our child a vegetarian…..!! Haha! I actually don’t so nobody panic!

6) How did you agree on which way you wanted to decorate the nursery? Did someone make all the decisions, or was it an equal effort?

Paul:  I think we decided on the design and all things nursery together, we are pretty good at coming up with these things together…..well I think we are, unless Daisy is using clever tricks to make me think I’m contributing!

Daisy:  Other than being set on using the most adorable bird fabric from IKEA (you can see a photo of it in my “Holiday adventures and turning into Shamu” blog), I was pretty relaxed about how to decorate it (which is very surprising for me!) I think it helped that Paul has proven himself as a bit of a designer a few times and I have been pleasantly surprised on many occasions by his creativity! He chose the paint and feature wallpaper for our lounge and I love it! So I wasn’t too worried about us both being very involved with the nursery.  That’s not to say that there are moments when I’m speechless by some of the suggestions Paul brings to the table….!!! Haha

7) Strangest advice you’ve been given so far?

Paul:  I’m not sure about this one, I haven’t really been given that much advice, most people just give the classic, “ohhhhh your life’s about to change now” etc etc, which I had pretty much worked out by myself! 🙂

Daisy:  I’ve had quite a bit of interesting advice but the one that stands out is some advice I read about in a book about coping during labour. The author wrote that apparently mooing like a cow can help you relax more!  Yeah you read that correctly!!!  I can’t even remember what the science behind it is, but I would love to hear from you if you mooed during labour and it helped!!!!

8) Which physical features do you wish you daughter will inherit from your spouse?

Paul:  I hope she will get Daisy’s smile and her skin tone. Hopefully she won’t get most of my features as I think they would detract from her cuteness!

Daisy:  I hope she will get Paul’s green eyes and his hair, which is much thicker and healthier than mine!

9) Which one of your spouse’s characteristics do you wish your daughter will take on? And which do you hope they avoid?

Paul:  I hope our baby gets Daisy’s kind heart. She always feels compassion towards so many people. On what I don’t want her to inherit….Daisy was quite a naughty child!!

Daisy:  Paul is incredibly easy going and I would love our daughter to have some of that. However on the flip side, I hope it won’t make her too laid back…Paul is laid back enough for the whole family!!

10) Who will be the “softer” one and give in more? Who’ll be stricter?

Paul:  Personally, I think I will be the stricter one because Daisy is too soft and gives in too easy especially with Becks (our rabbit) but she does have a stubborn side too so I guess we will see……

Daisy:  Hmmm….tough one!!! I think we might be softer than the other person on different things. For example, I think Paul will be really tough in that once he’s made a decision it’s final and he won’t change his mind (I speak from experience! Haha)  I will be more tough on making sure she won’t ever become as fussy of an eater as myself!

11) What’s the most important lesson you want to instil in your daughter?

Paul:  To stay away from boys! There’s not much more I can say about that!

Daisy:  I would like to teach our daughter never to stop dreaming big and not to let anything stop her from what she wants to do.

12) Who will end up changing the most nappies?

Paul:  Probably Daisy but only because I will be at work a lot of the time, but when I am around we will probably share it out pretty evenly. We both had a lot of practice having lots of younger siblings! There is also the likelihood that Daisy will dig out some kind of German style rota!!

Daisy:  Uh, Paul clearly needs to check his emails! He’ll find a nappy changing rota waiting for him 😛

Well, with that I should probably be on my way.  The pressure washer has emerged (this car cleaning business is serious stuff) and water + laptop is not the smartest combination!

In the next blog, I am hoping to share a song with you that I have written for our little nugget! 🙂  OR I could be sharing my birth story!  Anything can happen at this point, she says, desperately shoving pineapples in her face (which is supposed to bring on labour) …

Until the next time,

Daisy Xx

PS:  Since working in this blog my bump has definitely dropped and our baby is 2/5th engaged. The midwife also estimated her at around 7lb already!!!!!!  That’s already bigger than Paul was when he was born!  I was around 8lb…I’m scared! Haha