How to write a Pregnancy Symptoms Wish-List

Hey awesome blog-readers!

I’m going to start by appreciating how wonderful you guys are!  You should take a moment and feel truly proud of yourself…why?  I have been so overwhelmed by all the positive feedback and comments on my blogs so far, and it’s so appreciated!  Please keep reading, commenting and sharing 🙂  If you can reach, this would be a good time to pat yourself on the back…or if you can’t reach your back, any kind of reward in the form of chocolate should do the trick nicely.  You deserve it!

At 28 weeks, I have started the third trimester and have less than 80-something days to go till B-Day!!  I have safely passed V-Day point and am racing towards July!  Let’s see where we’re up to on the non-fruit comparisons.  (See the “Scans and Fruit” blog for an explanation!)

Week 25  |  Courgette  | And again as with some of the fruit used in previous weeks, this courgette is obviously from giant land again!  Let’s go with the length of a beer bottle

Week 26  |  Coconut  |  A 750ml Innocent juice carton (seriously, if you haven’t tried the “Pomegranates, Blueberries and Acai” one, you’re missing out!)

Week 27  |  Acorn Squash  |  A can of Pantene hairspray

Week 28  |  Butternut Squash  |  Just short of an A4 piece of paper, or if you prefer the length of an average wine bottle!  Getting big now!

Our little princess is already showing a few consistent traits, some of which are cute, and others which are not as appreciated!  For example, she seems to be synced to another time zone.  As soon as my head hits the pillow, well these days the bump leads (!), she thinks it’s time to wake up and loves to kick and spin around ALL through the night.  It’s not even the gentle, cute kicks, but big blows that make my whole belly wobble and shift!  She has also got her favourite place to rest her little feet, right between my ribs and also at the end of my sternum (the bit between the two rib cages).  She LOVES to get right in there and it can get pretty painful!  When that happens, I gently, sometimes not so gently, press my fingers on the spot where she is drilling away and I can feel her kicking back in protest!  Cheeky monkey!  Those are the kind of party tricks that I am not too fond of, however this next one is kind of funny!

Somehow, the baby seems to be able to sense when someone is desperate to feel her kicking and so even when she is right in the middle of one of her big work-out sessions, she will suddenly go completely still as soon as that “desperate hand” lands on the bump!!!!  I find this hilarious, but my sisters aren’t too impressed!  They are on such a mission to feel the kicks, they sat there for a good half an hour recently waiting patiently, hands on the bump….and nothing.  She will not perform on demand it seems.  She may get that from me :S   For her sweet daddy, she will go crazy though!  When she feels his hand on my bump there is always a welcoming thud ready for him! 🙂

Everyone keeps telling me to really enjoy this stage in my pregnancy as it’s the most comfortable time and I absolutely agree.  I am loving being pregnant SOO much at the moment!!  The morning sickness has well and truly done a runner, and the bump’s a manageable size and finally fits into my maternity tops!  I love showing it off now that it’s definitely obvious I’m pregnant, and it’s a great way to get people to move out of your way in a busy shop or street!  I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE pregnancy hair!!!!!!  I have never liked my hair because contrary to what people think, it’s actually really fine and there isn’t much of it and it never seems to grow past a certain length.  However, these days my hair is getting so long and looks much fuller and healthier, it’s great!  I could almost give Nicole Scherzinger a run for her money…yeah, ok…I won’t get carried away!  The other day, I thought I was having yet another great hair day, when someone kindly informed me that my ends were looking dry and a bit untidy, so that quickly brought me back to reality (and I went home and ripped up my application form to be in the next Herbal Essence advert)….

I should also mention, because I am sure you have been wondering about this endlessly, I don’t have any cravings.  Yes, I do feel like I am letting you all down.  I definitely feel the burden that I should have some really exotic or strange craving, but I’m afraid I can’t share any fascinating news on that front.  During many polite pregnancy chats, it’s usually once this question has been asked that the conversation abruptly stops.  The other person’s inquisitive smile turns into a disappointed and perplexed frown and for them there is nothing left to say. They walk away, feeling sorry for me and looking for someone more interesting to talk to!  Yes, I do feel a bit sad and disappointed, because I was quite looking forward to the whole craving thing, but on the other hand, I am sure Paul is relieved!  Cravings usually mean trips to the supermarket at what-ever-hour!  And I do have friends that talk to me about other stuff too!  Haha!  But I haven’t quite given up hope yet, it could still happen….we have three months to go…

As great as I am feeling these days, there is always a certain underlying dread.  Dread of what? I hear you ask, with a slight nervousness in your voice… Well, this brings me to the crux of this blog…the unpredictability of pregnancy symptoms.

Sometimes it feels like you are playing a game of bingo, and you are given specific symptoms that you have to cross off, but you have no idea what these symptoms are going to be from day to day!  And every pregnant lady has her unique bingo card with different symptoms! It can feel quite scary not knowing what symptoms will hit you next and what symptoms you will be lucky enough to escape!  This is when I wish we were all allowed to write a Pregnancy Symptoms Wish-List at the start our pregnancy!  You would get to choose say, 5 nice symptoms that you would like and 5 not-so-nice symptoms that you want to avoid.  That way you can at least prepare for what’s to come and be ready for it!

This would be my ideal Pregnancy Symptoms Wish-List in order of preference:


Thick, shiny hair

Rosy complexion

Slow leg hair growth

An interesting craving (preferably low in calories)

An increased surge of, uh, how should I put this more politely, cuddle hormones (If you know what I mean…)


Sickness and nausea

Stretch marks

Back pain

Frequent pee-ing

Bigger boobs (some of you may beg to differ, but when you’re already quite “blessed” in that area, getting any bigger is a real nightmare!)

Some of these items I am experiencing and/or have escaped (so far), but there are sooooooo many more lovely symptoms that can come my way.  Here are a few that I am a little bit fearful of: (I won’t mention too many, because the point of this blog is not to put you of becoming pregnant!  The positives, and eventual outcome of the pregnancy FAR outweigh these silly symptoms, most of which I simply dread because, let’s face it we can all be a bit vain sometimes!!!)


Varicose veins

Belly button popping out!

Skin tags (small flesh-coloured or brown growths that hang off the skin)

Those of you that have been pregnant, I wonder if you would have liked to have been able to write a Wish-List, and what would you have had on yours?  I would be very surprised if you hadn’t!  Feel free to leave a comment and let us all know!

While mulling all this over, I do think that not having control over what your body is doing, and having to take each day as it comes, must prepare you for motherhood in a much more realistic way.  When I think of what it will be like to look after a baby and learn how to raise a child, “control” and “predictability” are not two words that spring to mind!  Better to learn to relinquish these traits as much as possible (and is wise), and learn to go with the flow, embrace each experience and remember that it’s all sooooooo worth it in the end!

{Learning Section}

Here’s a quick pregnancy update on other things…(All you mother’s you may find this a bit boring as it’s quite detailed and you will already know all about what these different tests are!  It’s written more for those of you who are still to experience pregnancy, so you can learn about some of the things you may expect to go through when you do fall pregnant)

I recently had to take a Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT).  The purpose of this test is to check how your body regulates sugar levels so that it can be determined whether you are likely to/or have developed Gestational Diabetes (this type of diabetes is only present during pregnancy).  You will only get offered this test if you are at a risk of developing this type of diabetes, i.e. if someone in your family has diabetes, if you are overweight, or if you’ve had it before, etc.  I qualified to have it because diabetes runs in both Paul’s and my families.  The test is pretty boring!  You have to fast from 10pm the day before until after the test.  The first thing that happens when you go in is they take your blood (in my case, they tried several different veins until they succeeded, fun!) and you have to down this very sweet liquid which tastes like chalky squash.  You then have to sit around for 2 hours (it feels like a lifetime!) before going back for another round of blood-taking (Twilight springs to mind!).  You are then free to crawl back to your car, ravenous, dizzy and bored to death!  If they find that you are at risk, you will be notified within a few days.  Fortunately, my results came back negative!

I will also have to have an Anti-D injection, because once again I qualify for it!  This time because I have a negative blood type (A-).  Basically, when you have a negative blood type, and for some reason a bit of your baby’s blood mixes with your blood, your body will treat the baby as a foreign invader and create antibodies to destroy it.  Those antibodies won’t harm your unborn baby in your first pregnancy, but should you become pregnant again, it could be a problem as the antibodies that were created will fight to get rid of the baby.  The purpose of the injection is to prevent the antibodies from forming in the first place, thus avoiding any nasty issues down the line!  I’ve heard it takes quite a long time for the anti-D to be injected :/  I just hope they can find a vein straight away and don’t go poking around all over my arm again!

So, there you go!  Little bits of interesting stuff mixed in with my random thoughts!

Before I leave you to get on with your day, I just thought I’d paint you a wonderful, mental picture of me in my pregnant, un-ladylike state….I’m sitting here, burping away at random intervals (it comes with no warning and I can’t suppress it!), legs apart to give the bump space (very manly I know!  Paul told me the other day I make him feel emasculated!  Haha) and a pillow propping me up (like a fragile old lady) so I can reach the keyboard, all while trying to deceive my bladder into thinking it’s empty and telling myself to stop crying over a previous TV show, “Modern Family is not real”…

….at least my hair is long and thick…