Men are pregnant too…

Ladies and Gentlemen,

My gorgeous hubbyI am super excited to introduce to you, our guest blogger and also my gorgeous husband, Paul Douglas!  I am sure you would love to hear what pregnancy is like from a man’s perspective, so I gave Paul a few questions to answer, and here are his answers:

1) How did you feel during the 10 minutes of waiting for the results to show on the pregnancy test?  And what went through your head when you saw the faint line on the pregnancy test?

Nervous! But mostly for Daisy, I didn’t want her to get her hopes up and then have them dashed again as we’d experienced this a few times. When I saw the very faint line I thought “ok I need to keep Daisy’s feet on the ground, just in-case”!

2) How long did it take for the news to sink in?  Or has it sunk in?

To be honest it hasn’t really sunk in yet and I’m not sure it will, till I’m holding “our little peanut” as Daisy calls it!

3) What has been the biggest change since finding out you were expecting?

The biggest change has definitely been Daisy, and specifically the speed she does anything! We call her the Sloth now and it’s no exaggeration! Its now me that is waiting for Daisy at the door instead of the other way round! Who would have thought it….!

4) How has it been living with a hyper-sensitive, emotional, exhausted, nauseated and pregnant wife, with the sense of a sniffer dog?

I know, as a man, you have to be careful about complaining about anything at this time because we all know that the woman goes through a lot more…..that being said…..it has been tough!! I have had to change my deodorant, completely cut garlic out of my diet and struggle to find a time to cook when Daisy isn’t in the room is hard! (PS: Just as a little side note, EVERYTHING has garlic in!!) I do realise though that these pale into insignificance compared to Daisy’s problems 🙂

5) Have you had to go out on any late-night food trips yet?  Or had to do any other crazy things for your wife?

Not really, other than pulling over at the side of the road for Daisy to throw up out of her door!! Not my favourite driving memory! I have had a few “Supermarket Crawls” though….driving round up to four supermarkets trying to find the weird “one thing” that Daisy can eat at that moment!! I’ve discovered that only Sainsburys regularly stock Rye Bread (a weird German bread)!..I doubt that information is going to be useful to many of you, but hey!

6) What are you most looking forward to about being a dad?

Just being a family I think….it’s hard to pin it down to one thing and I think it will be all the little things that you probably don’t think of before hand. Coming home from work and being greeted by “Daddy” will be super cool….does that make me sound really soft!?

7) Had any sympathy pregnancy symptoms?

I haven’t really had any sympathy symptoms, but I did start the morning sickness! I should maybe explain that….I woke up one morning, early on in the pregnancy, feeling really sick for some reason, but couldn’t work out why as I hadn’t eaten anything that could have been dodgy. I went to work and then that same day the morning sickness started for Daisy!! Ooops!

8)  Any tips for other dads-to-be?

I don’t think I’m really far enough along the road to give out advice yet! Just be prepared to be very understanding, adaptable and to help out a lot around the house for a while!….Oh and be prepared for a bit of a drought in a certain room of the house for a while if she’s really feeling rough..!!

9) Any tips for mums-to-be?

I’ve found when a lady’s pregnant, it’s normally best not to give advice!! (maybe this bit should go into the previous answer!!) Just know that we are trying….! 🙂 Oh and don’t ask us to do a blog!!

10) Can I ask one more question to make it 10?

No [throwing his head back, and rolling his eyes]  (Hahaha, poor guy, ok let’s give him a break! For now…)

Aw, isn’t he the sweetest?!  I got a little emotional reading some of his answers, sniff sniff!!  Thanks Baby 🙂

Well, I am now 16 weeks pregnant and am starting to feel much better.  In the least blog I mentioned how the morning sickness was easing up but that actually turned out to be a lie!  I threw up twice after posting immediately the last blog!!  However, this time I do believe that it is on its way out….[silently praying]…..and I’m ready and excited to start seeing a bump!  At the moment I just look like I’ve eaten a BIG meal, so I seriously can’t wait for this awkward stage to be over!!  Bring on the bump, and keep sloshing on the coca butter on my tummy in preparation, I say!  Let’s see, maybe I will have some bump pics to post next blog 🙂 Until then…Xx


Scans and fruit

Hey all my wonderful blog-readers 🙂 Time for another entry!  We still have a bit of catching up to do before I can start blogging in “real time”!

I want to tell you about one of the most amazing experiences of my life so far…the first scan, or Dating scan as it’s called.  When you are around 12 weeks pregnant, you get booked in for your Dating scan during which they check that that everything is looking healthy and to make sure that there’s a heartbeat, or two, or three, or…phew, let’s not even go there!  They are also able to give you a more accurate due date as they’ll measure the size of the baby, which is what they go by in terms of “dating” your little one.

You have to have a full bladder for the scan, so they recommend that you drink about a litre of fluid an hour before the scan.  At this point, I couldn’t even drink a few sips of fluid at a time, so I gave myself about two hours to force down a litre of squash (holding my nose so I wouldn’t taste it).  You’re probably thinking, why didn’t you just drink water if you didn’t like the “taste”, well water is still my enemy…just a sip and I want to puke!  Sugary drinks seem to go down and stay down better…

By the time Paul and I got to the hospital, I was pretty uncomfortable.  I just wanted to use the loo the whole time!  I was worried that any pressure on my tummy would cause a nasty accident (luckily that wasn’t the case!)  It was very strange waiting for the scan, Paul and I were both so exited, but we just had no idea what to expect!  I was still secretly worried that they wouldn’t find a baby in there!  That I had been making up this whole pregnancy (people do have phantom pregnancies!)

Finally, we were called in and I had to lie down on the bed-type thing.  The sonographer asked a few questions, and then without any further ado smeared this gel stuff on my tummy.  There was a little monitor straight ahead of us so we could see what the sonographer was seeing.  As she pressed the scanner thing down all I could see was the black hole of my womb.  I panicked slightly, wondering where the baby was…then she pressed down a bit harder, and there…all of a sudden, this tiny, tiny little curled up baby appeared on the screen!!!  It was going a bit crazy, and spinning around and then it went really still and put it’s little arm to it’s face.  Paul saw the heartbeat, I didn’t (maybe I was too busy panicking again that the sonographer would give us some bad news!!!).  She tried to get the baby to move a little and made me jiggle about and sit up, etc, but our little peanut was too comfortable and didn’t stir.  This child is SO taking after Paul already!!!  Sleeping like a brick!

Little Peanut at 12 weeksAfter 3 minutes, having been reassured the baby was healthy, we were given our scan photos and sent on our way.  We also found out that my due date was slightly off, I was about a week out so was actually only 11 weeks something rather than 12 weeks something.  Although it was such a short scan, Paul and I couldn’t stop staring at our scan pictures and talking about the experience for the rest of the day.  It really just cemented the fact that, yes, I am in fact pregnant and I just felt such an overwhelming love for our tiny, little baby!  It was so special to meet our sweetpea for the first time, nothing can prepare you for it.  I am counting down the days till our 20 week scan!!!!

Finally, before I wrap up this blog, I really have a grievance about something.  Why, oh why do they compare the size of a beautiful baby, to boring fruit!??  It makes no sense to me, and it gives me no satisfaction to know that my baby is the size of an apple, or a lemon!  Nope, I don’t get it.  So…..I have decided to come up with my own comparisons!  They are actually even more random than fruit, but at least it’s personal and I can relate to it much better 🙂  Here goes, I’ve still put the fruit down too so you can get annoyed with me, haha.  Also, I’ll only go up to what I am now, and will add the new ones to each corresponding blog.

Weeks 3 & 4   |   Poppy Seed   |   I’ll allow this one, because I simply can’t think of anything else that I could relate to at that size!!

Week 5   |   Sesame Seed   |   The size of the most disgusting bugs we found in Beck’s hutch one time!  Not saying the baby’s disgusting!  Lol

Week 6   |   Grain of Rice   |   A tear in my contact lens, and again, not saying the baby is that annoying 🙂  Seriously, I really need to find more positive comparisons!

Week 7   |   Blueberry   |   The circumference of your favourite lippy 🙂

Week 8   |   Raspberry   |   The size of my perfectly, manicured toenail (more like, 5-week-old-peeling-off-nail-polished toe nail)

Week 9   |   Grape   |   The size of my beloved Trolley pound

Week 10   |   Date   |   A Ferrero Rocher, yum!

Week 11   |   Fig   |   An eyeshadow pot

Week 12   |   Plum   |   The size of Paul’s brain….hahaha….couldn’t help myself!  Ok, let’s just go with the length of a door key

Week 13   |   Kiwi   |   The size of my favourite perfume bottle (Pure Poison, Christian Dior, can’t go wrong!)  Yes, I can only afford the 30ml one, ha!

Week 14   |   Peach   |   An old pair of J-Lo-style hoop earrings I actually used to wear!  The shame!  I had an even bigger pair that would send Week 40 running!  Haha

Week 15   |   Apple   |   My 4-inch heels that I am no longer allowed to wear 😦

Much better and more helpful, right?!!  I am not sure how correct some of the comparisons are so please don’t ever use them in real-life when you see your midwife, or they might send social services round!

Well, boys and girls, that’s all for today.  The next blog will feature my wonderful husband Paul and you’ll get to hear some thoughts from a man’s perspective!

Have a great week!

Daisy Xx


Prunes will become your salvation, and the toilet bowl your closest friend…

Oh hey!  Great to see you again…I’m so glad you’ve come back for more!  Well as promised, it’s time to get down to the needy greedy (as Nacho would say), or nitty gritty for those of us a bit more superior….

I thought it would probably be more fun (for me!) to write this blog entry in an interview style.  I am going to pre-empt all of your niggling questions about what the early stages of pregnancy are like…

1)  How many stretch marks have you got, huh huh?!  And HOW much weight have you put on?!

Woah, woah, woah!  You guys are mean!  Well, actually I have none so far, but that’s probably because there hasn’t been much stretching yet!  And I’ve been throwing up too much to have gained any weight, so there.  Unbelievable…some people are so rude…

2)  Did you know you were pregnant, or did you only suspect something when your monthly visitor from hell failed to show up?

Well, I always thought I was one of those majorly-in-tune-with-my-body kind of people, and I would know the second I was pregnant…but I didn’t have a clue!  To be honest, I convinced myself each month that I was, by noticing all these supposed “pregnancy symptoms” (itchy skin, increased hunger, tiredness, changes in appetite, etc, etc) so when I was pregnant for real, and had none of those symptoms at first I definitely had no idea!

3) So, what were your first pregnancy symptoms?

When the symptoms finally did hit around 4/5 weeks, I was just super hungry all the time!  My favourite was crackers and hummous (I feel sick just writing this now).  I could not get enough sleep!!  I would sleep for 12 hours, and still feel knackered!!  Other than that, I felt awesome and just when I started to get comfortable and thought this pregnancy is going to be a BREEZE, I got to 6 weeks and….BAM!!  I’ll say it again, BAM!!!!!!  The nausea hit….BAM, BAM, BAM…

4) Tell me more, tell me more….

Well, it went something like this….feel nauseous for a few hours, puke, puke, feel nauseous, puke, feel nauseous, puke, puke and one more puke for good luck, feel nauseous….bed time….you get the point!  This bit was definitely not what I was expecting!  I couldn’t even think about food, let alone eat it, and my sense of smell went into HYPER-sensitive mode!  Everything made me feel sick, and garlic became my absolute worst enemy.  I never used to be able to smell garlic on people, but all of sudden I became a sniffer dog, and politely had to cut conversations short if someone smelt too much of it!  My poor husband had to spend a night on the couch because he had dinner at a Greek restaurant, renowned for their garlic dishes!

5)  So basically, you were a lot of fun to live it!

Oh yeah, it’s been a blast!  If Carlsberg made housemates and all that…Paul will tell you all about it when I force him to write a guest blog soon!

6) So what helped you through those rougher times?

I tried absolutely everything people suggested!  I was so desperate to feel human I was happy to give everything a shot.  Some of the things I tried were, hundreds of different types of hardboiled sweets, different types of tea, eating crackers before getting out of bed (apparently that is supposed to help keep nausea at bay), travel sickness bands, anything with ginger in it, etc etc.  Nothing really helped, but I did find things that I could at least have from time to time…



Crunchy Nut

Those sweet, sweet, precious items literally became my life savers!

7) Do you have any cool nausea stories?!  Oh and you mentioned prunes in the title…what’s that all about?!

I have loads of gross stories!!  I can tell you all the combinations of food and which makes nicer tasting vomit, and which foods are best to avoid?!!!  Lol!  Well, I think my most adventurous “sick moment” was on my way to my birthday breakfast.  Paul and I were travelling on the motorway and I had been fighting against throwing up for the whole journey, and suddenly I just knew, there was no more holding it back.  Fortunately, Paul had just come off the motorway and he managed to pull over onto the hard shoulder giving me just enough time to yank the door open and stick my head out!!  It must have been quite the sight for those driving past, I was in plain view for all to see, but I can tell you, I did not care!!!  Haha.

Here’s a trick you might want to remember if you ever find yourself in the position where you are in public or at work and you don’t know when nausea will seek you out, like a panther looking for prey…just wear a thick scarf and if worse comes to worse, you might just have to throw up in it!  Luckily I have not had to test this theory, but doesn’t that sound better than puking all over the floor for all to admire?!  If you ever try it out, PLEASE let me know how it went!!  You’re welcome, in advance 🙂

Oh yeah, so about the prunes bit.  One of the symptoms you may encounter when pregnant is constipation.  This is because your body is digesting everything more slowly so that the nutrients can filter through to the baby, but it means that you will become a bloated ball in the process!!!  I have never wished for a certain toilet outcome more sincerely than these days!  So you’re going to have to get real close to some prunes or worse, prune juice, if you want some relief!!!  That’s all I’m going to say on this subject.

8) Did it ever ease up?

Although it’s not nice, and it feels like it will never stop, I am now almost 13 weeks and already I am feeling SOOOO much better!  I have been able to eat meals, drink more than just coke and my social life is making a bit of a come back!!!  It’s the most amazing feeling when the nausea subsides because you forget what it feels like to “be normal”.  Here’s hoping it’s onwards and upwards from here on in!!

9) [Sniff, sniff] Are there any fun bits to early pregnancy? 

What you absolutely have to remember is that EVERY pregnancy is different!  While some people may experience some tougher times in pregnancy, others don’t at all and just breeze through it.  So please don’t read this blog and get disheartened!  Each person will have a different experience and will cope with it differently.

There are SO many fun bits in the early stages of pregnancy!!!  Here’s a list of just a few:

Your body is making a baby, a baby you will love with all your heart (how insane is that!)

It’s the most fun sharing the news with friends and family!  You really feel very loved and supported by the people you really care about, and seeing their excitement is so heart-warming!

I’ve been very fortunate to have the most amazing husband who has looked after the baby and me so well!

You don’t have to feel guilty about buying new clothes!!  Yay!

You have so many excuses at your disposal if there is something you are trying to get out of!!!  Just mention vomit, and people will back off so fast!

10) What is the biggest thing you learnt so far?


I think the biggest thing that I have learnt so far is once you become pregnant, you just need to slow down!!  I keep joking about being like a sloth!  You do need to give yourself more time, relax and take things super easy.  Your body is going through enough changes and hormonal rollercoasters, so the more you can have a laid back approach and try not to stress about little things, the easier it will be.  I hope that I will take this lesson into everyday life with me, especially once I am a mum because the more I observe those wonderful laid back people in my life (like my husband Paul!), the more I have realised they enjoy life so much more and still get everything done that needs to be done!  So there, that’s my two cents.

I know you are probably still full of unanswered questions, and you are feeling a little unfulfilled right now, but fear not!  If you do want to ask anything, just leave me a comment 🙂  In the meantime, I will let you get on with your day, I think I have kept you LONG enough!  I’m off to find some prunes…


The beginning..

Yay!  My first blog entry, I am so excited and also very aware that if this is not interesting or funny enough you may not return!  Woah, the pressure is quite heavy!

Let me just start by saying, it has taken me longer than I thought to start this pregnancy blog because I just couldn’t think of a name!  I never thought it could be so difficult!  I have finally chosen a name, “The Bump-to-Baby Diaries“, and although it’s not the most exciting name, it could have been worse!!  Other finalists were….(mostly in jest!)…

It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this?  (This is still my fave name purely because it makes me giggle so hard!  It’s from a Killers song for those that might not know.)

Tales of a rising Bump (Suggested by my husband Paul, I really love it, but I remembered it too late too change the blog website address!  Oops)

The Bump Diaries (I actually do like this, but the name was taken..grrr)

Morning sickness  – you are stronger than you think (Lol)

Ramblings from a crazy pregnant lady (this would probably be the most fitting!)

Watermelon and Oranges (as that was what I was craving at the time)

So, yeah, the choice was tough as you can see!!  But I have finally made up my mind, so let the good times roll!

I am now just over 12 weeks pregnant and cannot believe how fast, exciting and nauseated the last three months have been!  The next few blog entries will be catching you up on everything that’s happened so far…no need for you to miss a single moment 😛

I’ll never forget the moment Paul (my husband) and I found out we were pregnant, it was one of the most exciting moments and it literally made my heart skip a beat!  After trying for quite some time, and a few negative pregnancy tests, it was so hard not to put our hopes up too much every time I thought I might be pregnant.  When the time came for yet another test, I was so nervous as usual!  As we waited those dreaded 10 seconds, I was just about to give up again when a very faint line showed up!  It was so faint, we were like…is it or isn’t it?

So we did another test…same thing.

Test number 3 still looked the same!  [Obviously]

It was weird, thinking that we are probably pregnant but we shouldn’t get too excited just in case!!!  My sister and her husband, who were staying with us at the time, were aware something was going on and we had to get them involved in our confusion!  This is the photo of us, kind of celebrating being pregnant, but still holding a little back….

(I'm the second to the left and my husband is on the end)

(I’m the second to the left and my husband is on the end)

A week later, I did another test and the line was a little bit stronger.  Paul and I finally agreed that we could 95% assume that we were pregnant!!  (Paul is ever the realist, and still wanted us to see the doctor first for confirmation!!)  It was a happy time!  And a very surreal time too…the thought of us being parents, a baby growing inside of me, the massive changes we are about to undergo, and just the immense joy we felt…

After a mild blog, the next one will hit you hard as I write about the nausea, cravings and all the other fun bits that come with being preggers!!  But for now, this mama is signing off…to go to bed Zzzzzz